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Booking instructions


Step 1: Select the desired service (instructions below)
Does your dog need a full haircut? Book a full groom based on weight or breed.
Does your dog need a trim? Book a mini groom (trim paws, sanitary and around eyes).
Does your dog just need a bath? Book a luxury bath.

Step 2: Choose the groomer of your preference or the first available.
If you do not select a preferred groomer, you will be booked with the first available.

Step 3: Choose date & time of your preference.
If a specific date/time needed is not showing as available, please feel free to contact us to check for a recent cancellation or waiting list.

Step 4: Select your Pet
If is a new Pet, please add the information at (+) button on the App or (Add My Pets) on the website. Remember, proof of vaccinations is required.

Step 5: Pay Deposit
We are an appointment-based business, so we need a deposit upfront.
Please verify the Polices for Refund

Requesting an appointment does not automatically guarantee space is available. We will confirm your appointment once we receive it. Please, do not show up without confirmation.
Please provide 24-hour notice of any appointment cancellations or reschedules.